TMD Treatment

What is "TMJ" or "TMD"?

"TMJ", is a catch-all term for a variety of pain / dysfunction conditions of the head and neck.  It was originally derived from "Temporomandibular Joint", your jaw joints - once thought to be the source of most of these ailments.

Today we know that there are many causes of head and neck problems that may or may not be related to the temporomandibular joint.  For this reason, although it is not as widely familiar, most dentists use "TMD" (for temporomandibular disorders) to more accurately describe the condition.

The chart below lists some of the symptoms of TMD.

Musculoskeletal Signs and Symptoms

Do you suffer from any of these?
Headaches  Clenching or grinding
Jaw joint pain Facial pain
Jaw joint noise or clicking Sensitive teeth
Limited mouth opening Chewing difficulties
Ear congestion Neck pain
Dizziness Postural problems
Ringing in the ears  Tingling of the fingertips
Difficulty swallowing Hot & cold sensitivity of teeth
Loose teeth Nervousness or insomnia

New technology now allows us to objectively evaluate the muscles of the head and neck and various other factors that may be affecting your bite.  Based on this and other information obtained from physical examination, we can rule in or rule out your bite as a possible cause of TMJ problems or headache pain with a high degree of confidence.

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